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Robin Shear 

Onsted, MI

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Onsted, MI

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Robin Shear is a keynote speaker, bestselling author, founder of, and likely the only joy coach you will ever meet. She will bring laughter and purpose back to your burned-out audience! She has spent decades helping depleted givers like health care professionals, educators, parents, and executives feel good so they can give from a place of fullness and lead effectively again. Why would TIME Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and Psychology Today want to interview an up-and-coming joy coach from a village of under 1,000 people with one flashing yellow traffic light? Because Robin’s message of how to choose joy when life’s messy is universal.


While many of Robin’s elementary report cards read “Robin talks too much,” her former teachers are now among her biggest professional speaking fans. She has spoken for the producers of TEDxDetroit, Meeting Professionals International, National Head Start Association, National Organization of Human Services, World Unity Week, Metro Detroit Oncology Nursing Society, Women’s Living Expos, Affordable Housing Connections, Michigan Nursing Summit, and American Business Women’s Association.


Robin is known for fun and engaging presentations with memorable audience interaction. Attendees regularly declare they have never laughed that much at a conference, and they walk away inspired to take action that enriches their lives – and, because joy is contagious, the lives of others. Participants often state, “I’ve never had that much fun learning,” “90 minutes with Robin weren’t enough,” and “Robin kept us engaged the whole time.” One grateful nonprofit meeting planner said, “Thank you, Robin, for helping lift the spirits and bringing laughter back into the lives of our dedicated, hardworking, committed staff, as well as the property managers, local housing officials, and compliance specialists who participated in our Annual Industry Conference! It truly was a gift to be part of a room filled with over 100 professionals whom you inspired to dance and sing and share joy. You helped create a bubble of safety and trust among us that helps us all navigate this rewarding but demanding work to address the needs of thousands. I believe that your time with us has made a positive impact on our colleagues throughout the industry and that they left feeling SEEN and more appreciated. Thank you for the gifts of your time and talent and open heart!!” Audience testimonials can be found at


Why does Robin want your audience to have more joy? Cue the music, here comes the backstory: Sharing her exuberance was natural for Robin until she faced several hidden health issues and her zest for living became a choice. Within a 4-year span, she attempted 26 distinct treatments for chronic pain, was diagnosed with PTSD after 20 years of night terrors, had a gut health condition that meant eliminating most of her favorite foods, found one of her most important relationships in a nearly severed state, and suffered a head injury that took 21 times longer to heal than doctors predicted. Yet, joy was possible in the mess. Her book, Messy Joy: How Joy Can Begin Before Your Difficulties End, chronicles her journey, but it doesn’t stop there. With over 200 journal questions, it helps readers know how they can find joy when their own circumstances are difficult. While the details were so difficult to share she never intended to publish the book, receiving offers from seven publishers convinced Robin her story needed to be released to help others find joy in their imperfect lives. Within weeks of its release with no formal launch plan, Messy Joy was named the #1 New Release in the Christian Self-Help category on Amazon. It appeals to readers of all faith backgrounds and will keep the positive momentum going long after any event ends.


Robin is a Certified Life Coach through the International Coaching Federation. She has served in many professional roles, including registered dietitian specializing in eating disorder treatment, youth pastor and developer of two vibrant youth programs, and life enrichment team member at senior living communities for people with dementia. She found that infusing joy was the key to improving life for each of these populations.



Robin is a board member of National Speakers Association of Michigan. She is actively involved in Advanced Writers and Speakers Association and is a founding Contributor Member of The PurposePoint Community™. She was designated as a Global Presence Ambassador by Parenting 2.0, an international consciousness movement that promotes proactive education for life skills. She and her husband find joy in making memories with their two adult children and their spouses, who make up the 6-Pack. They live in Michigan with their attention-starved goldendoodle who likes to get on camera and steal the show.


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